100% Native Salesforce Gift Aid Management.

Automated creation and submission of Gift Aid claims directly from Salesforce, respecting donor eligibility and HMRC rules. Full audit history and automated reversal.

Automated creation and submission of Gift Aid claims

FinDock automatically creates and submits Gift Aid claims for every eligible donation.

100% Native Salesforce

Manage Gift Aid and Gift Aid Declarations directly from Salesforce. Leverage the Salesforce Platform for a full audit history of every claim, reversal and declaration.

Advanced Gift Aid Declaration Management

FinDock supports advanced scenarios including multiple declarations per donor and gaps in eligibility. Automated reversal in case of reduced donor Gift Aid eligibility.

Gift Aid for FinDock
  • No additional costs. Included in FinDock.

  • 100% Native Salesforce.

  • Automated Creation of Gift Aid Claims.

  • Automated Submission of Gift Aid Claims to HMRC. No Manual File Uploads or Downloads.

  • Automated Gift Aid Claim Reversal.

  • Advanced Gift Aid Declaration Management.

  • Full Audit History of Every Claim, Reversal and Declaration.

  • Approved HMRC software.

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