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The desire to control payment processes from the heart of the customer profile within Salesforce is growing rapidly. Payment data and services are being sought for in every functional layers of the Salesforce Lightning platform and by many industry applications that have been built on top. Salesforce native industry solutions like NPSP, Salesforce CPQ & Billing and B2B Commerce require Payment Providers to build and support Salesforce native connectors that go beyond a basic API integration.

FinDock empowers payment providers to unlock their services to the core of the Salesforce Lightning Platform and all of the standard and custom applications that have been built on top of it. FinDock builds, maintains and supports Salesforce Lightning Connectors for a various of Payment Providers.

FinDock’s deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform, ecosystem dynamics and payment processing, allows the FinDock team to best support Customers, System Integrators and ISVs for partnering Payment Providers.

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