FinDock is the world’s leading Customer Payment Management platform. Empowering your organisation to manage the services from your preferred bank and payment providers, directly from the heart of the customer profile in Salesforce.

Simply dock your preferred payment providers and unlock their services in Salesforce Lightning or apps like NPSP, Converse and Salesforce Billing.

FinDock Features.

One-off & recurring Direct Debit Processing

FinDock can process one-off and recurring SEPA, BACS, CH-DD & LSV+ Direct Debits with any Bank, Bureau or Payment Provider.

Automated Bank File Reconciliation

FinDock reconciles your bank files. FinDock’s Automated Matching lets you automatically match payments to the right Invoice, Subscription, Donation Campaign and even custom objects in Salesforce.

Create & publish beautiful Giving Pages

FinDock comes with a build in Giving Page builder, publisher and hosting platform. Create & publish beautiful online donation pages that reflect your brand in minutes.

Process Payments via any Payment Provider

FinDock connects any Payment Provider to your Salesforce and has out-of-the-box connectors available. You just simply activate them to offer your customer every relevant payment method.

Manage your payment data in Salesforce

By bringing payment data and processes to one source of truth – your Salesforce CRM – you get full insight on the status and details of your collected payments. Use the power of an extended Customer 360 view to build personalised payment experiences.

Payment Request Generation from Salesforce

Generate Payment Requests with references or QR codes on any standard or custom object in Salesforce. Suitable for amongst others, Direct Mail campaigns and Invoice reference generation, the FinDock Payment Request Generation can help you increase your bank statement matching percentages.

FinDock empowers you to activate any Payment Service Provider and Payment Method in Salesforce

By unlocking the services from your preferred bank and payment provider, you can offer your customers their preferred method of paying for a Subscription, Invoice or Donation. This power of choice will drive conversion and customer satisfaction.

It’s easy to adapt; activate and manage all your payment providers from a single platform. Our fast growing number of integrations allow you to simply Dock most relevant payment providers. FinDock keeps track of the fast changing payment market. As it changes, we allow you to simply to Dock your preferred additional payment providers. Making your organisation ready to adapt to whatever the payment future in your market looks like.

Dock your preferred Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Unlocking your preferred PSP within Salesforce CRM, NPSP, Converse or Salesforce Billing requires more than a simple API integration. The services of the PSP need to follow and respect the core processes within Salesforce.

FinDock builds and maintains a Docking package specific to each PSP. Securing a future proof architecture that adapts with the PSP and can easily unlock their innovative new capabilities in your Salesforce processes.

You can choose from a growing number of out-of-the-box PSP Dock applications or request the FinDock team to build one that is relevant to you and your customers.

FinDock Offline Payments.

FinDock’s offline payment capability allow you to reconcile payments made via cash, checks, bank transfers, at the desk, postal orders, or any other means besides online payment methods such as Ideal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Etc.

The FinDock processing engine can be configured to exchange and process bankfiles with your preferred bank or bureau. File exchange is supported for files like BACS Standard 18, MT940, PAIN, CAMT, Coda and many more.

All native in Salesforce.

FinDock Automated Bankfile Matching.

Once you’ve imported your transactions, integrated or through a manual file import, FinDock offers a matching process. The automatic and manual processes allows you to match against any record in Salesforce and complete your bank reconciliation for every transaction.

Connect with your desired Salesforce Apps.

FinDock provides out-of-the-box integrations with a growing number of AppExchange applications. These Source Connectors make FinDock become one with its App source, following all the source core processes.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) provided by is the Foundation for the Connected Nonprofit.
From fundraising to operations to programs and more, the Nonprofit Success Pack turns the world’s #1 CRM into the #1 CRM for nonprofits, allowing you to shift your focus towards impact. The Nonprofit Success Pack starts with a flexible, open data architecture and adds pre-built constituent and donor management components.

The FinDock for NPSP package unlocks all of the FinDock functionality at the heart of the NPSP. This pre-built integration respects all the core processes in NPSP and works seamlessly in the background. Now you can process donations via any payment provider and any payment method within NPSP.

Converse is a Salesforce native CRM solution for nonprofits by PWC. The Converse application helps organisations build and nurture life-long relationships with each of your constituents: Donors, Members, Volunteers, Legacy.

The FinDock for Converse package unlocks all of the FinDock functionality at the heart of Converse. This pre-built integration respects all the core processes in Converse and works seamlessly in the background.

Gift Entry Manager (GEM), part of the Salesforce Education Cloud offering, is a gift processing application aimed at higher education advancement. GEM enables advancement teams to register gifts and work with gift details in a way that fits an institution’s business processes. By using GEM, institutions can leverage the broader Salesforce ecosystem for new insights, stewardship, and alumni engagement and more.


FinDock pricing is based on the average number of active payers in each calendar month.

Nonprofit pricing

FinDock is dedicated to helping nonprofits, because of that we have special discounted nonprofit pricing.

Active Donors per month Price per month
up to 2 500 €/£ 350,00
up to 5 000 €/£ 450,00
up to 10 000 €/£ 550,00
up to 20 000 €/£ 750,00
up to 30 000 €/£ 930,00
up to 50 000 €/£ 1 250,00
over 50 000 Contact us

Commercial pricing

FinDock is suited for companies of all sizes due to our volume based pricing model, to learn more about how FinDock can support you in making payments part of your customer journey, please contact us.

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