Bug for Good

Nobody likes bugs. So when we find one, let’s make sure it does some good!

FinDock launches an annual € 60k fund for Charities through their Bug for Good program.

About Bug for Good

In June 2019, FinDock launched the ‘Bug for Good’ program. We invite our valued customers and partners to submit any bugs* found during a Sandbox Preview window. We will use your feedback to ensure optimisation of PaymentHub and we’ll donate € 100,00 per bug to charity.

FinDock has set up an annual donation fund of € 60.000,00 to support this program.

* Bug needs to meet Rules of Engagement.

Every release a new charity supported

With every release, FinDock will support a different charity. For our October ‘19 release we are proud to partner with Christians Against Poverty and donate all Bug for Good donations for this release to their charity.

How to Submit a Bug

To submit a bug, please fill in and submit the “Bug Report Form”.


Please contact StepOrange Support through support@findock.com in case you have any questions about this program.

  • € 100,00 per found Bug, donated to a charity.
  • Allocated fund of € 5.000,00 per Sandbox Preview window.
  • Bug needs to be related to the actual Sandbox Preview window.
  • Bug needs to be reproducible.
  • Bug needs to be identified during the Sandbox Preview window.

Please complete and submit the form:

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