FinDock Brand Guide

The FinDock brand in a nutshell: our logos, colors and guidelines.

The FinDock Logo

This is our primary logo. The color gradient gives the organic character extra expression. The logo represents adaptability, flexibility and magic. 

In addition to the primary logo, we offer a smaller, square variant. This option should be used when the available space is too narrow for the primary logo.

Download FinDock Logo Pack

How to use the logo

The logo can be used three ways:

  • The primary logo on a white background
  • An all-white logo on a blue background
  • An all-white logo on a gradient background

How not to use the logo

Do not use the logo in the ways illustrated to the right and explained below:

  • Don’t transform the logo.
  • Don’t change the resolution.
  • Don’t scale without keeping original proportions.
  • Don’t use the colored logo on a photo.
  • Don’t change the colors of the image and name.
  • Use the transparent PNG whenever possible.
  • Only use the colored logo on a white background.

FinDock Colors

The FinDock Brand Guide contains four colors. The main color is Indigo, a solid dark blue color. It’s accompanied by three contemporary secondary colors. These colors flow organically into each other.

Color Name RGB CMYK HEX Example
Indigo 36,49,94 100,86,33,25 #24315E
Living Coral 236,87,107 00,78,43,00 #EC576B
Tangerine 255,139,47 00,55,83,00 #FF8B2F
Amethist 131,131,192 56,50,00,00 #8383C0

FinDock Typography

The font used for the entire corporate identity is Montserrat. Only the Regular, SemiBold and Bold styles are used.

Alongside are a number of examples for plain text, subheadings and introduction. In the event that the Montserrat cannot be used – for example in some Microsoft Office programs, a replacement font can be used: Arial (Regular / Bold).

Element Style Color
Heading Montserrat SemiBold, 22/22pt Indigo #24315E
Alternative Header Montserrat SemiBold, 22/22pt Tangerine #ff8b2f
Introduction Montserrat SemiBold, 12/15pt Indigo #24315E
Paragraph Montserrat Regular, 10/15pt Indigo #24315E